Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Guest Post: Take a Tech Break

We are excited to have Carrie Rogers-Whitehead contribute to our blog this week. She is the founder of Digital Respons-Ability

A recent Common Sense Media report said that mobile screen usage has tripled among young children in four years. Children 8 and younger spend 48 minutes a day staring at a mobile screen and almost half of children this age are reported to own their own tablet.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Special Time: Beyond Just One-On-One Time

When talking to families about special time, parents often respond, “I already spend all day with my children.” I love hearing when parents are able to be home and enjoy spending time with their children! I also wanted to highlight some of the features that set “special time” apart and the benefits it can offer to ALL families; whether you are home with your children all day or not. 

What is Special Time? 

Child-directed one-on-one playtime between a parent and child. It is time you set apart in your day specifically to be with your child. As it becomes a pattern in your home, they will recognize it by the title- whether you call it “special time” or whether you name it after your child. (ex. “Johnny time”)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

10 Things Dads can do for Mom-to-be

Hi all! As most of you know I am pregnant with my first child and my husband and I are super excited! Most of our friends already have kids and some of them have mentioned that the husbands/partners just didn’t really know what to do during the pregnancy. Mom is doing most of the work (i.e. Growing the baby, feeling the baby, going through morning sickness) and sometimes the dads can feel helpless. I’m hoping that this post helps dads know what they can do during the pregnancy. Because trust me dads, you are needed and wanted!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Is Your Child FUSSY?

A fussy baby, especially when mom and dad are tired or fussy themselves, can seem like the hardest hurdle in parenthood. There were several times when, especially in the middle of the night, I couldn’t seem to figure out what my daughter was trying to tell me. What was I missing? 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Educational TV: Does it exist?

Many children’s TV shows claim they are “educational.” A show can claim it is educational, but what is it teaching? A large percentage of children’s shows (and apps) claim they are educational yet have no reason to back that claim. It is normal to worry that watching TV will harm your child. On the other hand, many parents use the TV as an “electronic babysitter.” I am going to present research about shows that have shown to be educational to help parents make decisions about TV use.